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Farm Futures Mission Statement

Large-scale, high-income farming is a growing segment of the agricultural marketplace. This audience demands an innovative, new approach in serving its information needs. From analyzing global market trends to evaluating new wireless technology for the farm business office, their needs are different from other producers. Farm Futures, its companion Web site www.farmfutures.com, and its daily e-marketing letter Farm Futures Daily, provides a unique editorial approach tailored to the high-income producer.

Our team of editors, with 80 years of marketing and farm management writing experience, has established Farm Futures as our readers' first source of information on risk-management, marketing, money management and decision-making.

With new ideas and fresh insight, our goal is to provide stories that help readers think of new and better ways to do business.

We know readers have huge demands on their time. Farm Futures is designed to convey information in a light and easy-to-consume format. Our goal is to get readers the facts and help them analyze complicated issues that impact their day-to-day decision-making.

And we want your feedback, which is easy these days with e-mail and the Web. However, you can even send along a traditional letter, we enjoy opening the mail too.


Executive Editor Mike Wilson at [email protected]

Senior Market Analyst Bryce Knorr at [email protected]

Senior Editor Bob Burgdorfer at [email protected]

Economics Editor John Otte at [email protected]

Policy Editor Jacqui Fatka at [email protected]

Editorial Director Willie Vogt at [email protected]