Outlet for biotech grain created

Outlet for biotech grain created

Syngenta, Gavilon partner to provide marketing outlet for controversial Agrisure Duracade corn.

SYNGENTA has announced an agreement with Gavilon Grain LLC that provides grain marketing opportunities for farmers who choose to plant Agrisure Duracade, a cutting-edge corn rootworm control technology that has recently become the center of controversy.

While the biotech trait has been approved in the U.S., it has not been approved in countries like China. As such, China recently rejected shipments of dried distillers grains plus solubles because traces of the trait were detected.

Seeing the issue as a potential source for additional trade complications, the National Grain & Feed Assn. and North American Export Grain Assn. last month asked Syngenta to discontinue commercialization of the product.

To navigate marketing challenges, the "Right to Grow" program provides a marketing outlet through Gavilon. The company will accept Agrisure Duracade grain at market price while providing stewardship and distribution services for producers.

"Our unique program will help farmers remain competitive while navigating a more complex global supply chain," said David Morgan, president of Syngenta Seeds Inc. "The 'Right to Grow' program is a collaborative effort, giving farmers the choice to adopt new technology with the confidence of knowing they have options for marketing their grain."

"We are pleased to see Syngenta's efforts to administer a limited trait release of Agrisure Duracade that seeks to balance the importance of maintaining farmers' access to technology while maintaining markets for U.S. corn," Martin Barbre, president of the National Corn Growers Assn. (NCGA), said. "NCGA consistently strives to optimize opportunities for U.S. corn growers and values efforts from parties across the value chain to support achievement of our goals."

NCGA will provide information regarding the status of import approvals in key markets and reference stewardship plans in place through its Know Before You Grow website as they become available.

Bob Stallman, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, applauded the partnership between Sygenta and Gavilon, saying the program will "serve as a model to provide confidence for the American farmer that they will continue to have access to new technologies while meeting the needs of our international customers."

Stallman added, "While the U.S. regulatory system is built on predictability and ensuring that new technology is safe, we also recognize that our international customers are subject to their own regulatory systems. As such, it is important that U.S. exporters meet the needs of our export customers."

Volume:86 Issue:09

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