WTO sides with U.S. in poultry case

WTO sides with U.S. in poultry case

U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Michael Froman announced that the World Trade Organization adopted an Aug. 2 dispute settlement panel report in favor of the U.S. in a major trade dispute with China, proving that China's imposition of duties on U.S. chicken "broiler" products violates international trade rules.

With the report now formally adopted by the WTO Dispute Settlement Body, China must come into compliance with its WTO obligations.

National Chicken Council president Mike Brown called the announcement "welcome news to U.S. chicken producers, who look forward to once again competing in this viable export market without unjustified trade restrictions."

Exports fell almost 90% from pre-2009 levels after the imposition of the antidumping duties.

"Given the wide-ranging violations found by the WTO, I hope that China's acceptance of the WTO decision without appeal signals a recognition by China that it needs to take a serious look at its trade remedies regime and bring its rules, procedures and practices into line with its WTO obligations," Froman said.

Volume:85 Issue:40

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