Animal disease impact on human and public health

Animal disease events happen and when they do, the mental health toll on the producer, and to some extent the industry, is often overlooked.

February 24, 2023

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There is a side of animal disease that tends to get overlooked, and that is the mental health part of the equation. Having to watch or help out as a flock or herd is depopulated. Being the cause of an outbreak and, as a result, shunned by the community and fellow producers. Even the financial impact when disease hits and the stress that can put on the family’s finances and overall home life, or, for that matter, a business and its employees. These are all things that are difficult to prepare for and even harder to know how to cope with should the need arise.

Discussion about how we as an industry can help to destigmatize mental health was part of a recent webinar that Feedstuffs and National Hog Farmer co-hosted with the University of Minnesota. In this episode of Feedstuffs in Focus, we hear some of that discussion. Specifically, Dr. Jeff Bender, professor and director at the University of Minnesota, and Dr. John Gibbons, Captain United States Public Health Service, share their thoughts on the potential impact of animal disease on human and public health.

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