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Optimizations to managing mastitis caused by gram-negative bacteria

LIVE STREAM Thursday, May 23 at 1 pm CT / 2 pm ET: What threat does Gram-negative mastitis pose to cow health and productivity? What do producers need to know? Dr. Juan Rodrigo Pedraza joins us to share insight and research.

May 18, 2024

Mastitis caused by Gram-negative bacteria can be elusive and cause trouble down the line, leading to aggressive treatment, spread of mastitis pathogens and delayed return to the milking parlor.  The University of California, Davis published a study in the Journal of Dairy Science in 2023, that demonstrated how ceftiofur hydrochloride was effective in improving bacteriological and clinical cures, lowering mastitis recurrence, reducing use of supplemental therapy and minimizing mastitis-related culls and deaths. Joining us to tell us more is Dr. Juan Rodrigo Pedraza, Managing Director with Zoetis.

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