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Industry Voice by ADM

August 25, 2021

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As an industry leader, ADM delivers innovative and future-forward technologies that highlight its diverse animal nutrition portfolio and extensive ingredient options. While prioritizing optimal animal health and nutrition, ADM’s portfolio is an accumulation of global research that provides advanced knowledge, expertise and cutting-edge technologies. With its research and development structures helmed by ruminant specialists, nutritionists and researchers, ADM develops individualized nutritional solutions that focus on efficiency and profitability while incorporating sustainable practices. 

As the premier origination network, ADM possesses a deep knowledge of ingredients and solutions in major production areas worldwide, leveraging its extensive global network focused on research and development to bring new learnings to local markets. Whether its a cutting-edge technological approach, advanced formulation and production capabilities or a future-forward vision for where the industry is headed, ADM is plugged in to the demands of today and what’s needed to thrive tomorrow.

ADM’s global network of research and development is centered around the knowledge of the scientists and technicians devoted to providing optimal nutrition that support animal growth and vitality. Their expertise rooted in animal physiology, nutrition and health is enhanced by the large variety of research activities they perform in immunology, microbiology and molecular biology. ADM’s trend-driven research includes inventive methods of macro and micro-ingredients use, new scientific formulation and advanced development platforms that deliver efficient and sustainable product and services to meet the changing needs of producers.

Through 120 years of experience in animal nutrition, ADM offers an ever-expanding portfolio of animal nutrition solutions expertly tailored to promote optimal health, responsibly address antibiotics as growth-promoters, and enhance performance. As an integral part of ADM’s strong portfolio and wide range of innovative ingredients, Pancosma additives help elevate productivity and profitability by delivering science-based innovation to optimize animal performance and minimize environmental impact.

Beyond nutrition, ADM also designs and provides innovative service, knowledge, and expertise for optimal animal nutrition and formulation to target the most effective performance of both the animal and the operation. Utilizing the most advanced, cutting-edge solutions, ADM’s technical team is at the forefront of future-forward technologies aimed at advancing all aspects of animal nutrition. Stay ahead of what’s next with ADM’s unmatched capabilities and technical ingenuity to help inspire new ideas and solutions that propel your business to new heights.

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