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Pathways to Dairy Net Zero climate initiative garners global support

The new initiative, which aims to accelerate climate change action and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the dairy sector, is already backed by organizations representing approximately 30% of global milk production.

October 7, 2021

Pathways to Dairy Net Zero, a ground-breaking new climate initiative, has launched with some 40 leading organizations, including 11 of the 20 largest dairy companies in the world, declaring their support for the effort. Collectively, these supporters represent approximately 30% of total milk production worldwide.

The new climate initiative demonstrates the global dairy sector’s commitment to reducing GHG emissions while continuing to produce nutritious foods for six billion people and provide for the livelihoods of one billion people.

The initiative is underpinned by six key principles:
1. Mitigation. Continuing to improve production and process efficiency to further reduce the GHG emissions intensity of milk and dairy products.
2. Greenhouse gas removals. Enhancing production practices that protect carbon sinks (soil, forests, grass, peatlands) and complement natural ecosystems.
3. Avoidance and adaptation. Improving practices such as feed, manure, fertilizer and energy management.
4. Insets and offsets. Identify and implement alternative, credible reduction options.
5. Measurement and monitoring. Measuring greenhouse gas emissions to plan mitigation and monitor progress.
6. Overall support. Promoting the global initiative and emphasizing the dairy sector’s climate ambition.

In this Feedstuffs 365 segment, we sit down the Donald Moore of the Global Dairy Platform to find out more. 


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