Dried poultry litter unlikely cause of HPAI in dairy cattle

Despite recent media reports, it is unlikely that dried poultry litter is the cause of HPAI in dairy cattle. We talk with AAFCO's Austin Therell to find out more.

May 5, 2024

12 Min Listen

The feed industry and regulatory officials are challenging media reports alleging the HPAI virus has spread to dairy cattle as a result of the consumption of chicken litter on farms. 

Neither the U.S. Department of Agriculture nor the Food & Drug Administration have found a link to HPAI virus transmission in dairy cattle through chicken litter. Wild migratory birds are widely thought to be the likely cause of the transmission.

FDA also has stated that chicken litter does not pose an animal or public health threat warranting usage restrictions.

To find out more about what’s going on with dried poultry litter and HPAI, we catch up with Austin Therrell, executive director of the Association of American Feed Control Officials, to talk about why the link between the feed ingredient and HPAI in dairy cattle is unlikely. 
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