Kipster egg farm opens visitor center, launches 24/7 livestream

World’s first carbon-neutral egg producer offers transparent view into revolutionary farming system.

March 1, 2023

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The Kipster farm’s visitor center is now open to the public. Anyone with an interest in learning about Kipster chickens and their eggs and meat, are welcome to drop by and see the chickens in action in their farmhouse.

The company said many people have only the vaguest idea about the origin of their food people but deserve honest and full information. Even if that is inconvenient or uncomfortable, honesty is a virtue, it added.

Transparency is one of Kipster’s core values. People can learn about the lives of Kipster chickens, their eggs and meat on its website, social media and at the informational boards at the farm’s visitor center. The visitor’s center has large windows through which people can see the chickens. Or when bird flu has subsided, the hens can be seen in the outdoor gardens. If people cannot travel to North Manchester, Indiana, they can watch the 24/7 livestream on Kipster’s YouTube channel.

“We want people to know where their food comes from. We want them to understand what it takes to make eggs and meat and why it matters. We share how we take care of the chickens, how they live, what they eat, but also about their life cycle, including birth and end of life,” said Kipster’s managing director for the U.S., Sandra Vijn. “We hope transparency helps people appreciate and respect the lives of these sentient beings that bring us joy and nourishment through the food that they produce. And not waste any of it.”

Nancy Roulston, senior director of corporate policy and animal science at ASPCA, commented: “Transparency is sorely needed in animal agriculture, both in production and in packaging, so that shoppers can identify products that are aligned with their values. In addition to being open to the public, Kipster welcomes independent auditors to assess its hens and animal care practices and has earned a spot on the ASPCA’s list of more humane grocery options.”

Simple Truth + Kipster’s eggs are on the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (ASPCA) Shop With Your Heart Grocery List.

“Kipster is taking the meaning of transparency to a whole new level. The visitor center and video livestream allow the public to connect with where their food comes from and understand the animals behind a carton of eggs found on grocery shelves,” said Julia Johnson, senior food business manager at Compassion in World Farming.

The visitor center is open daily from 10 am until pm Eastern Time. It is equipped with informational boards, tables, seats, restrooms, and a small conference room. If you plan to visit the farm, please check the Kipster website ahead of time for opening hours.

The Kipster U.S. farms are operated by MPS Egg Farms in partnership with Kipster and The Kroger Company. The eggs are sold co-branded with Kroger’s label as Simple Truth + Kipster. The eggs are available at Kroger stores in Cincinnati, Michigan, Columbus, at Ralphs in California, and at King Soopers in Colorado, with other states to follow later in 2023.

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