FEEDSTUFFS IN FOCUS: Unpacking consumer research, meat panic-buying amid COVID-19

Midan Marketing principal Michael Uetz discusses consumer reactions and concerns to COVID-19, and how meat marketers can respond to the challenge.

May 21, 2020

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The entire meat supply chain was buffeted by COVID-19. From major disruptions in foodservice consumption to panic buying at retail, the ripples of pandemic-related demand shocks were felt acutely in the early days of the crisis. And then as employees at packing plants fell ill in greater numbers, the supply-side shocks to the system only exacerbated an already frustrating situation for producers, packers, marketers and customers. 

In this episode we talk with one of the industry’s foremost experts in meat marketing and consumer messaging around meat about how consumers are reacting to the pandemic, including some surprising insights into millennials and panic pandemic purchasing.

Michael Uetz is one of the managing principals of Midan Marketing, a firm providing strategic marketing and consumer research services to help the meat industry sell more fresh meat. Uetz manages the firm’s Chicago office, and is responsible for establishing and maintaining Midan’s vision and strategic direction. He also leads the firm’s proprietary and client-driven meat consumer research projects, which over the past three months have focused in large part on consumer reactions to the novel coronavirus and ways the meat industry can reassure consumers about the safety of the U.S. meat supply chain.

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