Practical ways to handle the most expensive swine pathogen

PRRS is estimated to cost the industry $1.8 million per day. Listen to one veterinarian’s experience reducing PRRS incidence by more than 90% without building new barns.

October 24, 2023

11 Min Listen

Production costs continue to climb across the swine industry, and the health costs associated with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome only make it worse. PRRS is estimated to cost the industry $1.8 million per day.

Host Sarah Muirhead talks with Dr. Katie Coleman from Iowa Select Farms to discuss how Iowa Select reduced PRRS incidence by more than 90% in affected barns, without building new barns in a swine-dense area. 

They discuss: 

  • Costs of PRRS to a system

  • A specific type of filtration addition that didn’t require a new barn build

  • Timeline necessary for modifications and culture shift

  • How improved herd health benefits employees

  • Tools they used and lessons learned

This podcast is one of a four-part series on controlling costs with herd health, which is brought to you by Pharmgate Animal Health. Check out the other three episodes for discussions on Mycoplasma hyopneumoniaeLawsonia and porcine sapovirus. Call your Pharmgate representative or visit to learn about their broad portfolio of options to support your protocols.

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