FEEDSTUFFS IN FOCUS: USDA's Greg Ibach talks African swine fever

Greg Ibach, USDA under secretary, discusses efforts to prevent the arrival of African swine fever in the U.S., and how the department will respond if the disease breaks stateside.

February 27, 2020

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USDA photo by Lance Cheung


As the livestock and poultry industries have become more global in nature, concern over the spread of foreign animal diseases seems to be an ever-present issue. Most recently, the rapid spread of African swine fever throughout Asia presented significant challenges to the international trade of pork and feed ingredients. 

How will the U.S. swine industry react if ASF makes its way across the ocean and lands on our domestic shores?

In this episode we talk with Greg Ibach, U.S. Department of Agriculture under secretary for marketing and regulatory programs about what USDA is doing to prevent the arrival of ASF in the U.S., and the department’s planning for what happens if the disease breaks here anyway.

Earlier this month at the annual USDA Ag Outlook Forum, Ibach hosted a panel discussion on ASF. After the session he sat down with Feedstuffs  policy editor Jacqui Fatka to recap the discussion. 

This episode of Feedstuffs In Focus  is sponsored by United Animal Health, a leader in animal health and nutrition. You can learn more about United Animal Health and how they are working to advance animal science worldwide by visiting their website.

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