Zoetis partners with Iowa State on PEDV research

Collaboration focuses on developing and testing vaccine candidate for swine disease.

Zoetis Inc. announced Feb. 10 a research partnership with Iowa State University to identify and test a vaccine candidate to help control porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) in the U.S.

New cases of PEDV continue to mount. Since the beginning of December, more than 100 new cases have been reported each week and PEDV now has spread to swine farms in 23 states since April 2013, with documented farm cases in the thousands. Losses from PEDV are significant and have been measured on some farms at 100% mortality for infected piglets up to three weeks old.

The development of a vaccine candidate is one element of Zoetis' ongoing efforts to support swine veterinarians and pork producers control PEDV. In 2013, Zoetis began a collaboration with the University of Minnesota to develop a diagnostic test for the disease.

While research and development of solutions continue, it's important for producers to remain vigilant with their biosecurity practices to deter the spread of PEDV, Zoetis said.

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