Whitbeck, A&A Laboratories merge

Whitbeck, A&A Laboratories merge

WHITBECK Laboratories Inc. in Springdale, Ark., announced that it has merged and combined services with A&A Laboratories Inc. and will operate as Whitbeck Laboratories Inc.

As of Jan. 1, Whitbeck will be a full-service laboratory for the chemical, microbiological and serological needs of the food, forage, veterinary, poultry and other related industries.

A&A Laboratories was established in 1989 to provide a broad spectrum of analytical expertise for the feed, food, forage, dairy, grain and other related industries.

Whitbeck provides high-quality microbial analysis for the global community. Established in 1978, its capabilities have expanded to encompass food and product safety as well as veterinary diagnostic and poultry serology needs.

Both Whitbeck and A&A Laboratories have been housed in the same facility and have operated hand in hand under common ownership for more than 24 years. The merger is an effort to streamline offerings to customers by combining both companies' services under one entity, the announcement said.

"The consolidation of these businesses will make it easier for our customers to have unified sample submission, reporting and invoicing when their testing needs utilize our wide range of analytical services," Whitbeck president Gordon Whitbeck said. "It will streamline our laboratory with all the information systems being under single management, allowing for faster data retrieval and a faster search for archived reports, improving efficiency and clarity. This merger allows us to have a more unified presence in the marketplace and is more representative of the full breadth of services we provide."

Along with the consolidation, the company rolled out a new logo and website.

Volume:86 Issue:02

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