Syngenta to sell Iowa seed production facility

Syngenta to sell Iowa seed production facility

SYNGENTA announced Dec. 6 that Hartung Brothers Inc. (HBI) has agreed to acquire the Syngenta Coon Rapids, Iowa, seed production and supply facility, subject to completion of certain pre-closing activities defined in the purchase agreement.

HBI is a family-owned and -operated agribusiness and produces seed corn for Syngenta on a contract basis.

In February, Syngenta announced that it would no longer operate its Coon Rapids site, effective at the end of December, as part of a long-range effort to serve its growing North American commercial corn and soybean business through changes in its facility mix.

Earlier this fall, Syngenta selected HBI's offer to begin negotiations for purchase of the Coon Rapids location. The sale is expected to close by the end of December, and HBI has indicated its intent to operate the facility for the benefit of its customers.

Syngenta and HBI have a long-standing working relationship in the seed business, and this acquisition provides benefits to the seed industry as a whole, according to the announcement.

Volume:85 Issue:51

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