South Korea set to ease Zilpaterol restriction

South Korea is indicating it may soon ease its zero-tolerance policy on zilpaterol in beef.

South Korea has said it will likely soon permit some level of the animal feed additive zilpaterol in beef, easing its zero-tolerance policy.

After two shipments of beef contain a trace of zilpaterol was found, South Korea suspended some U.S. beef imports.

A director in South Korea's food ministry, Son Seong-wan, told Reuters, South Korea will allow 1 part per billion (ppb) of zilpaterol in beef muscle and 5 ppb in beef liver.

Currently, the country is completing a 60 days hearing process on the policy change. The change is anticipated to go in effect in June.

Zilpaterol is a beta agonist sold under the trade name of Zilmax.

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