Perdue AgriBusiness opening merchandising office in Brazil

Office focused on origination and export of agricultural commodities to better serve international and U.S. customers year-round.

Perdue AgriBusiness announced that it is opening a merchandising office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

It said the local presence of Perdue AgriBusiness associates in the region will enhance its direct sourcing of corn, soybeans and other commodities from Brazilian farmers, thereby improving the company's ability to supply its international and U.S. customers year-round.

“Establishing a presence in Brazil enables us to engage in bi-hemispheric trading and merchandising,” Perdue AgriBusiness president Dick Willey said. "Brazil has become the world's number-two soybean producer and number-three corn producer. We'll now be able to export to our international customers year-round. We'll have access to South American soybeans and grain when our ability to purchase domestic grain is limited. We've wanted to establish a direct presence in Brazil for a long time and believe that now is a good time.”

Perdue AgriBusiness is a top U.S. grain company and a leading exporter through its deepwater port in Chesapeake, Va., and other U.S. ports. Approximately one-third of its sales are to export customers.

“The team we've put together in Brazil will strengthen Perdue AgriBusiness as a global player. They will focus on our core competencies in grain origination and trading,” Willey added.

“For more than a half-century, we've benefitted from the interrelationship between our grain and poultry businesses, and the increased presence of Perdue AgriBusiness in Brazil will support strategic growth across our company,” said Randy Day, chief operating officer of Perdue Farms.

Perdue AgriBusiness is part of Perdue Farms. It is an international agricultural products and services company that sources, merchandises and processes agricultural commodities, including grains, oilseeds, soybean meal, blended feed ingredients and top-quality seed oils for food and other uses. In addition, Perdue AgriBusiness provides a full range of farm inputs, including seeds and fertilizers, and services from agronomy to risk management and merchandising.

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