PCC to process Nexera canola

PCC to process Nexera canola

LEGUMEX Walker Inc. recently announced that its Pacific Coast Canola (PCC) subsidiary has entered into an agreement with Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc. under which it has been granted a license to process Nexera canola and produce and sell omega-9 quality canola oil at its facility in Warden, Wash.

Nexera canola is used in the production of heart-healthy omega-9 quality canola oil, a next-generation canola oil with health and stability attributes.

"The ability to produce omega-9 quality oil from Nexera canola expands our canola offerings and satisfies a growing demand for this product from our food processing customers," said Joel Horn, president and chief executive officer of Legumex Walker, which owns 84% of PCC. "PCC's strategy is to expand its margin potential beyond the benefit of sourcing feedstock locally by focusing on new canola products such as omega-9 oils, which command premiums in the marketplace."

PCC chief operations officer Matt Upmeyer added, "Partnering with Dow AgroSciences allows us to bring the benefits of Nexera canola to growers in the Pacific Northwest."

Under the terms of the agreement, Dow AgroSciences, which developed and owns the rights to Nexera canola seed, has granted PCC a license to purchase, handle, crush and process Nexera canola, as well as process and sell omega-9 quality oil produced from Nexera canola. Dow will provide Nexera seed to canola growers under contract with PCC to deliver canola feedstock to PCC's Warden facility for processing.

Additionally, Dow will work jointly with PCC to develop programs for marketing Nexera canola seed to growers and the omega-9 quality canola oil to potential buyers.

Volume:86 Issue:15

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