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New Equipment, April 2013

New Equipment, April 2013

Massey Ferguson of Duluth, Ga., has introduced its Farmer DM Series disc mowers. The series includes four new models: DM1305, DM1306, DM1308 and DM1309. The mowers are available in widths from 5.5 to 9 ft. Discs spin at 3,000 rpm. They feature an extremely flat, low-profile spur gear design for a clean cut even on difficult, rolling terrain. This design also helps ensure high forage flow, without material buildup, for fluffy swaths and high-quality forage. The cutterbar is equipped with a roll/shear pin for every disc. The shear pin is positioned to break outside of the cutterbed, preventing internal damage and eliminating contamination of the oil bath. A spring-loaded, anti-collision breakaway system allows the entire mower to pivot backwards if it comes into contact with an object protruding from the ground so the operator has time to stop the tractor.


Inlet damper kit
American Coolair of Jacksonville, Fla., announced that it has developed an Inlet Damper Remodel Kit that replaces shutters with inlet damper doors. The Inlet Damper Remodel Kit allows for the replacement of existing shutters on any Coolair fan in the field. The damper consists of four vertical doors, which open automatically when the fan is in use to provide a nearly unobstructed path for the airstream. When the fan is not running, the damper doors close, and a magnetic seal ensures a tight closure. The doors on the inlet damper are vertical so they do not collect dust. In addition, a foam rubber gasket on the door frame minimizes leakage. When it is time for fan cleaning or maintenance, the damper does not need to be removed; access to the fan is provided by opening the large damper doors.


Turkey crate
Anglia Autoflow N.A. of Woodstock, Ga., has developed a new Turkey Crate that provides flexibility in transporting turkeys from the turkey house to the processing plant. The Turkey Crate can be loaded onto a truck by forklift at the turkey house and then off again at the processing plant. The crates also can be left on the trailers for traditional loading and unloading of turkeys. Turkey farmers and processors can move the crates straight from the turkey house to the truck and then from the truck to inside the processing plant. The Turkey Crate is designed so processors can use a forklift from either side to move the crates on and off the truck.


Massey Ferguson of Duluth, Ga., has introduced its Pro DM Series disc mowers to keep hay operations on schedule with cutting each season. The new DM1358, DM1361 and DM1362 mowers range from 8 to 11.5 ft. in width. They feature the driveGUARD cutterbar protection system to prevent damage to the internal parts of the cutterbar. If the mower hits a rock or large object, the shear disc will break, leaving the mowing disc in place and keeping parts from flying off. Shear discs can be replaced without leaving the field. The cutterbar has a modular design and a standard quick-change knife system. The low-profile cutterbar is lightweight and shaft-driven, with a double-bevel gear design. The Pro DM Series disc mowers also feature individual compact angular gears for smooth power transfer to all discs. The model DM1358 and DM1361 mowers also may be equipped to help hay dry down more quickly with the addition of KC Tine or RC Roller conditioners. The coil design of the KC Tine conditioner gently fluffs, conditions and aerates the crop for accelerated drying times.


Poultry house ventilation
Diversified Imports of Eatontown, N.J., has developed the DI Drive Curtain & Vent Machine for controlling ventilation in poultry houses. The DI Drive, which is built to heavy-duty industrial standards, is capable of pulling 2,200 lb. at 2.25 ft. per minute for quickly opening and closing curtains. The curtain and vent machine is totally sealed and lubricated for life. It also has a printed circuit board instead of hand-wired circuits.


Environmental sensors
John Deere of Olathe, Kan., announced that it will add new environmental sensors and features to its Field Connect soil moisture monitoring system, which is designed for producers of all types of agricultural crops. The new environmental sensors include: a weather station, rain gauge, temperature sensor, pyranometer and leaf wetness sensor. In addition to the soil moisture data provided by the Field Connect system, the new sensors provide data on temperature, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, solar radiation, leaf wetness and rainfall. The sensors are installed in customer fields as part of the Field Connect Gateway. Field-specific soil moisture and environmental data are transmitted to a secure website for viewing, and customers can program the system to receive alerts based on set parameters. Field Connect charts the data from the readings over time, allowing producers to identify trends. The system can be customized to each field depending on the customer's objectives.


Kasco Manufacturing of Shelbyville, Ind., has introduced its new 10 ft.-wide Vari-Slice seeder. The Vari-Slice seeder is suitable for pasture seeding, beef, dairy and horse farms for worked or no-till conditions and where tight germination of grass seed is needed. The disc angle can be adjusted quickly to move more aggressively over the ground, with rugged cutting coulters to cut through roots, limbs and debris. Widths of 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 ft. are also available. These seeders feature a unique metering system for planting a variety of a seeds such as Bermuda, alfalfa, timothy, rye and oats. An optional patented positive-feed agitator system is also in a second box to plant native or warm-season grasses.

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