Monsanto expands Chesterfield research center

Monsanto expands Chesterfield research center

MONSANTO Co. hosted an event last week to commemorate the beginning of the Chesterfield Village Research Center expansion, its global hub for research and development and agricultural innovation in St. Louis, Mo.

The $400 million expansion, first announced in April, is expected to create 675 new jobs across all levels over the next three years.

The Chesterfield Village project is expected to be completed in 2017. The expansion will include a number of new facilities, including a conference center, research building, 36 additional greenhouses, 13 controlled environment agriculture rooms and 250 additional labs.

"Our Chesterfield expansion is focused on strengthening our world-class capabilities in the discovery and development of innovations for farmers around the world," Monsanto chairman and chief executive officer Hugh Grant said. "Meeting growing demand will require new ways of thinking and new technologies that, today, we can only imagine.

"As we look to the future and work begins to expand this research facility, I'm reminded how important our mission to work together to help farmers produce more nutritious food in a sustainable way will continue to be," he added.

Volume:85 Issue:44

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