McDonald's Langert talks sustainability at Cattlemen's College

McDonald's executive share vision on sustainability, calls for united approach in order to address the issue.

Bob Langert, corporate vice president and head of corporate social responsibility and sustainability for McDonald’s Corp., took to the podium here in Nashville, Tenn., at the Cattlemen’s College to share McDonald’s overall sustainable supply chain vision and beef’s role in the company’s plan.

Langert also discussed how McDonald’s is working with various stakeholders, including all parts of the value chain, to collaborate on social and environmental opportunities and challenges as sustainability in the industry continues to evolve.

“If we don’t invest on sustainability, we’re not going to have all the customers we want in the future,” Langert said.

“At McDonald’s we know what were good at, and we know what were not good at. What we’re good at is running restaurants, but we need to rely upon beef ranchers, processors, the industry to figure out what sustainability means. We’re just one part of the spoke.  That’s what the global round table for sustainability is. Yeah, our voice is there, but so are all the others. Let’s come up with a definition of beef sustainability for all of us that’s based on science and is going to help drive our businesses forward,” said Langert.

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