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Lallemand adds to Micro-Cell line-up

Products better align with pre-harvest production best practices.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition announces the addition of two new products to the Micro-Cell product line: Micro-Cell FS and Micro-Cell FS Gold.

As a primary manufacturer of premium yeast and bacteria, Lallemand Animal Nutrition is constantly working to increase production efficiencies and improve input costs to provide premium probiotic products at affordable prices.

“The advancements for the Micro-Cell family of products further support Lallemand’s commitment to supplying high-quality probiotic products,” Lallemand Animal Nutrition ruminant products manager Michael Watkins said. “Producers have grown to trust Micro-Cell products for their ability to help improve feed efficiency and average daily gain in feedlot cattle, but perhaps more importantly, is the effect on foodborne pathogens.”

The strain Lactobacillus acidophilus BT-1386 has been shown to help lower Escherichia coli 0457:H7 and salmonella found in the lower gut and has been listed on the pre-harvest production best practices (PBP) document by the Beef Industry Food Safety Council’s (BIFSCo). To better align with the feeding rate in the PBP documents, Lallemand has changed its offering and has released the following products:

* Micro-Cell FS (formerly marketed as Micro-Cell LA), promotes and maintains a normal intestinal environment to discourage the development of pathogenic bacteria in beef cattle fed all types of rations.

* Micro-Cell FS Gold (formerly marketed as Micro-Cell Gold), is comprised of L. acidophilus BT-1386 and Lactobacillus buchneri 40788 to help cattle maximize available nutrients from byproduct feeds.

Both products will now be available in pouches holding 10,000 feedings at the food safety feeding rate for feedlot cattle.

“Micro-Cell FS and Micro-Cell FS Gold along with other animal husbandry and management practices can help producers meet the need of supplying safe, affordable beef to consumers,” Watkins said.

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