Elanco expands vaccine presence with brand purchases

Elanco expands vaccine presence with brand purchases

ELANCO, the animal health division of Eli Lilly & Co., announced Nov. 11 that it will purchase the Titanium and Master Guard vaccine brands from AgriLabs.

Elanco said these cattle vaccine brands will complement its growing vaccine portfolio, which includes the recently approved Viralign 6, the only modified-live combination vaccine to protect against bovine viral diarrhea virus 1b (Feedstuffs, Oct. 14).

Elanco said it will continue to deliver these brands in the same manner producers have come to expect and will work closely with AgriLabs to ensure a seamless transition. Elanco will support all 2013 programs and pricing, and customers should continue to place orders through existing channels, the announcement noted.

"With beef stocks at all-time lows and demand outpacing dairy supply globally, we must continue to provide innovative solutions that will help producers increase the affordability and availability of animal protein," said Rob Aukerman, president of U.S. operations at Elanco. "We have diversified our portfolio and sources of innovation to deliver more options and solutions to our customers."

AgriLabs is an animal health, sales and marketing organization with distribution throughout the U.S. Through technology transfer and cooperative development agreements, AgriLabs has introduced state-of-the-art products for beef, dairy and companion animal industries.

Elanco operates in more than 75 countries and employs more than 2,500 people worldwide.

"At Elanco, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to enhance food production and companion animal care. We are pleased our growing vaccine portfolio and pipeline will offer Elanco customers a broader array of options to better meet their specific needs for disease prevention," Elanco president Jeff Simmons said.

Volume:85 Issue:47

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