DSM offers recyclable premix packaging

DSM offers recyclable premix packaging

THE request for environmental friendly packaging that works seamlessly in a company's recycling initiative triggered DSM Animal Nutrition & Health to now offer the option of packaging premix in low-density linear polyethylene (LDPE) bags, which are 100% recyclable.

Before settling on the LDPE alternative, the company looked at other options, including polywoven products.

"Some alternatives to paper, like woven plastics, raised concerns about contamination and damage to equipment at the feed mills. The LDPE product is a single, flat sheet that cleans out thoroughly when poured," noted Dr. Marc de Beer, vice president of DSM Animal Nutrition & Health, North American area. "We strive to provide only the highest-quality products. We also want to package responsibly and contribute to keeping the environment clean."

The new bags meet Food & Drug Administration requirements for food packaging and comply with international shipping standards, and the extremely durable, white-tinted bags provide protection from air and sunlight, which can be detrimental to vitamin potency, DSM noted.

In addition, the thickness of the polyethylene helps reduce bag damage during transport to and within customers' warehouses and feed mills.

Bag exteriors are textured to improve handling and ensure that bags hold together on pallets. Heat sealing is used to eliminate the risk of thread or tape contaminating micro-bins or finished feed. The bags also clean out easily for reduced product shrink.

Traditional multi-walled paper bags with a polyethylene liner require separation of the paper before either component can be recycled. The new LDPE bags do not require this additional step, thus saving time, space and disposal costs, the company said.

Within the next several months, DSM said it also will be implementing a global pallet labeling project that provides immediate access to information on pallet contents, including purchase order numbers, lot numbers, manufacturing date and ingredients.

Volume:85 Issue:35

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