Alltech, Kentucky State form alliance on sustainable ag

Alltech, Kentucky State form alliance on sustainable ag

Alltech to invest $75,000 in joint research alliance at Kentucky State University to develop modern farming models and sustainable techniques.

ALLTECH and Kentucky State University (KSU) in Frankfort, Ky., have formalized a joint research alliance to develop sustainable farming techniques and modern farming models.

Alltech said it will invest $75,000 per year toward research at KSU and will also provide support for KSU graduate students' research and for demonstrations in agriculture, food sciences, sustainable systems and related fields, according to an announcement. These investments will help develop an active graduate student training program and undergraduate internship program in sustainable farming as well as a merit-based program aimed at supporting future agricultural science development.

"This farming-focused alliance will position central Kentucky at the forefront of sustainable agriculture and aquaculture — arguably two of our world's most significant challenges. The work being done on KSU's campus will not only have global implications but will contribute to the development of a knowledge-based economy and job creation locally. It will also demonstrate how we can use technology to support small-farm agriculture in Kentucky," said Dr. Karl Dawson, chief scientific officer at Alltech.

The Alltech-KSU Sustainable Farming Alliance will operate from the KSU campus and has been established for an initial period of three years, after which an extension may be considered.

It will be managed by a committee of three Alltech scientists and four KSU faculty members and chaired by Dr. Teferi Tsegaye, dean of KSU's College of Agriculture, Food Science & Sustainable Systems and associate vice president for land grant. Projects and activities will be selected based on their scientific merit, socioeconomic value and potential for commercialization of the results.

Alltech has signed research alliances with more than a dozen universities and institutes around the world and expects to bring the total to 18 alliances by the end of 2013.

Volume:85 Issue:36

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