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Algal Scientific introduces beta-glucan

Studies show new beta glucan from algae helps support bird health and productivity in antibiotic-free operations.

Algal Scientific, a biotech developer and manufacturer of algae-based products, introduced Algamune Beta-1,3 Glucan. Used as a feed supplement, the product supports healthy immune systems. Plus, research demonstrates improved production and higher profitability.

"As producers respond to consumer preferences for less antibiotic use in broiler production, Algamune can help. It is an all-natural feed component that helps growers reduce or eliminate prophylactic antibiotic use, while keeping birds healthy in an antibiotic-free environment," Algal Scientific vice president of sales and marketing Michael Officer said. "Poultry producers moving to antibiotic free production see reduced feed efficiency and higher cost of production. The additional challenges these birds face usually results in a compromised immune system that Algamune can help resolve. Our research demonstrates at least three points of feed conversion improvement when Algamune is in the diet.

"Algamune can benefit birds being grown in all-natural systems,” Officer added. “Our numerous trials and studies demonstrate Algamune will help support immune function allowing the animal to fight disease naturally and help deter chronic health issues that can reduce performance and profitability.”

Research also shows Algamune fits into all-natural production systems easily and can lead to improved health in turn, improving the odds for greater profitability.

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