ADM selects Chicago for sit of global HQ

ADM chooses the Windy City for its new global headquarters.

ARCHER Daniels Midland Co. (ADM) announced Dec. 18 that it has selected Chicago, Ill., as the location for its global headquarters and customer center.

"While we considered other global hubs, Chicago emerged as the best location to provide efficient access to global markets while maintaining our close connections with U.S. farmers, customers and operations," ADM chairman and chief executive officer Patricia Woertz said. "Chicago also provides an environment where we can attract and retain employees with diverse skills and where their family members can find ample career opportunities."

Although ADM never officially announced the other location in consideration, it was suspected that the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn., region and St. Louis, Mo., were on the list.

ADM is currently based in Decatur, Ill.

"In keeping with our intention to establish our global center in a cost-effective manner, we expect to locate a small corporate team of about 50 to 75 employees in the new center," Woertz said.

In addition, Woertz noted that ADM will now begin to consider potential locations in several states for its new information technology (IT) and support center, where it expects to locate about 100 new IT jobs. The decision is scheduled to be made by midyear 2014.

Originally, ADM was considering a comprehensive plan that would have established the global headquarters and IT center in one location. However, the plan could not be realized within the company's time frame.

"We decided to move forward in the way that best meets our organizational objectives," Woertz explained.

"We appreciate the interest and support expressed by many civic and governmental leaders as we have considered a variety of options for our new global center," Woertz said. "We look forward to finalizing the selection of a site in Chicago soon and to accelerating the selection of a suitable location for our IT center."

In a special session the first week of December, Illinois lawmakers failed to pass a proposed bill that would grant ADM and two other companies a tax incentive to expand their operations in Illinois.

The bill stalled after the House failed to call the legislation for a vote before adjourning for the year.

Woertz noted that ADM will continue to have a significant presence in Decatur, which will be designated as the company's North American headquarters.

Volume:85 Issue:52

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