AAFCO seeks comment on monograph pilot project

AAFCO seeks comment on monograph pilot project as part of its ingredient definition process.

At the 2013 annual meeting of the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), the AAFCO board of directors approved a "Monograph Pilot Project" to investigate the feasibility of adopting a monograph system as an enhancement to the AAFCO Ingredient Definition Program.

Many of the current AAFCO feed ingredient definitions are very general and arguably are not sufficient to establish an ingredient's standards for purity, safety and utility, AAFCO said.

Monographs are intended to provide a more robust, detailed description of feed ingredients. AAFCO believes a feed ingredient monograph can play a role in fulfilling the goal of the Food Safety Modernization Act and facilitating global trade.

The goal of the Monograph Pilot Project is to develop three feed ingredient monographs to help evaluate the feasibility of developing a comprehensive monograph system for all feed ingredients.

In developing the three feed ingredient monographs, AAFCO is seeking public comment on the content of the proposed monographs, the overall concept and the developmental process. Public comment will assist in ensuring that the monograph is appropriate, accurate and useful and that the process for development is thorough, credible and timely.

Please note that the proposed monographs are for ingredients for a specific use in animal feed.

The team selected to work on this project consists of representatives from the industry and regulatory community, including representatives from the American Feed Industry Assn., National Grain & Feed Assn., AAFCO, the Food & Drug Administration's Center for Veterinary Medicine and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

To help both the commenter and the Monograph Pilot Project team, three questions have been developed for each of the proposed monographs. The questions will help evaluate:

1. The accuracy of the information in the three monographs,

2. The value of the monographs and

3. The credibility of monograph evaluation process.

The proposed monographs and directions for submitting comments, which are due March 14, can be found on the AAFCO website at www.aafco.org/GeneralInfo/MonographProject.aspx.

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