AABP develops bovine euthanasia guidelines

Approved methods of humane euthanasia of cattle are outlined in English and Spanish versions.

The American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) offers its members, other beef and dairy veterinarians and livestock producers "Practical Euthanasia of Cattle" guidelines. These guidelines are intended to aid caretakers, animal owners, livestock market operators, animal transporters and veterinarians in choosing effective euthanasia methods.

The guidelines, which were posted on AABP's website in September 2013, have recently been translated into Spanish. Both versions can be found at http://aabp.org/about/AABP_Guidelines.asp

Both the English and Spanish versions are in accordance with euthanasia recommendations from the American Veterinary Medical Assn. The AABP guidelines include information on human safety, animal welfare, restraint, practicality, skill, cost, aesthetics, diagnostics and carcass disposal.

AABP animal welfare committee chairman Dr. Dave Sjeklocha, Satanta, Kan., said, "Veterinarians, farmers and farm employees need to understand that euthanasia should not be taken lightly. There are acceptable methods that we must employ and it is in the best interest of the animal to use these methods."

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