Productive energy: A new, old way to approach bird diets

While a measure used some years back, productive energy fell out of fashion largely because it was hard to quantify and measure. Now University of Arkansas researchers think its time for a re-evaluation and are doing just that.

August 3, 2023

14 Min Listen

Productive Energy, also known as Arkansas NE, is a way of more efficiently influencing performance, breast meat yield and even the economics and sustainability of broiler production, say  researchers.

It is thought to be the only energy system that can significantly predict the feed conversion ratio and feed intake for broilers. It’s a way of looking at what happens in the bird in terms of body composition.

Research is underway at the University of Arkansas looking at the area of productive energy, and to date they have found very interesting results that indicated perhaps a change may be needed in how broiler diets are formulated. Joining us from the Poultry Science Assn annual meeting in Philadelphia is Diego Martinez from University of Arkansas. Martinez is Program Associate in Dr. Craig Coon's poultry nutrition lab at the University of Arkansas.

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