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As the industry turns more and more to Mhp elimination as an effective intervention, how do you decide if that's the right strategy for your operation?

April 3, 2023


Date: Apr 26, 2023



As the industry turns more and more to Mhp elimination as an effective intervention, how do you decide if that's the right strategy for your operation? And if you have already deployed a management strategy, how do you know if you're maintaining a negative or controlled status with confidence on each of your farm sites? Those questions and more will be answered by this expert panel of presenters that will also share more information about a new Mhp management program, a supporting comprehensive diagnostic solution, as well as the latest in PCR diagnostic technology.

  • Better understand cost of Mhp, production and performance impacts, how to make the most appropriate intervention decision for your operation

  • Learn about how Mhp Guardian, a new Mhp comprehensive program that can help move your positive herds into a negative or more stable status and keep them there

  • And, the benefits of STOMP PLUS, a Zoetis diagnostic service that supports the Mhp Guardian multi-step process, from establishing herd status to monitoring intervention outcomes

  • Lack of viability differentiation has been a limiting factor for the diagnosis of Mhp, especially when assessing interventions in the field. Hear about the latest use of a viability PCR that can aid in interpretation of results

Joining us as speakers will be:

Maria Pieters
Associate Professor, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine
University of Minnesota
Dr. Pieters is an associate professor with the Swine Group and the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, the principal investigator of the Mycoplasma Research Laboratory and the director of the Swine Disease Eradication Center at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Pieters leads research efforts on diagnostic, epidemiology and control of Mycoplasma infections in pigs and other animal species. Her main research is on applied tools for disease elimination.

David Baumert
Senior Technical Services Veterinarian
Zoetis Pork
Dr. Dave Baumert is currently in his sixth year as a Technical Services Veterinarian for Zoetis Pork. He previously spent approximately 15 years each in private practice and as a production veterinarian with Cargill/JBS Pork. Dr. Baumert’s professional interests include batch farrowing production and disease elimination programs.

Eva Jablonski
Senior Technical Services Veterinarian
Zoetis Pork
Dr. Eva Jablonski joined Zoetis Technical Services in 2015 and has spent time in both field service and technical marketing roles. Previously, Dr. Jablonski spent nearly a decade with The Hanor Company as a staff production veterinarian. Her professional interests include the responsible use of antibiotics and “suis” pathogen control strategies.

Sarah Muirhead
Editor & Managing Director, Farm Progress - Livestock


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