Soybean meal – both a nutritional and prescriptive ingredient – mitigates respiratory disease impact on pig performance

Soybean meal appears to be a tactical or "prescriptive ingredient" in mitigating the severe effects of swine respiratory disease.

December 14, 2023

24 Min Listen

Soybean meal contains functional bioactive molecules that can help mitigate swine respiratory disease (SRD) effects on pig growth and development. Feeding elevated soybean levels can be especially cost-effective during winter/spring seasons, when barns are closed tight and SRD is more typically a challenge for veterinarians and producers to overcome. 

In this episode, Feedstuffs' Ann Hess talks with Dr. Dean Boyd, Dr. Paul Yeske and Dr. Amy Petry about how soybean meal is both a nutritional and prescriptive ingredient.  

Listeners can learn more about how soybean meal can be an easy-to-implement management tool to enhance profitability in health-challenged pig flows. Content brought to you by U.S. Soy.

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