Phibro Animal Health invests in animal nutrition

Company increases manufacturing footprint to more than 100,000 square feet and added technology innovations.

January 21, 2021

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Phibro Animal Health Corporation announced this week the opening of its newly renovated plant in Omaha, Nebraska. The Omaha production facility is geographically positioned to manufacture and supply mineral nutrition products and trace mineral premixes to U.S. livestock producers. Now, an extensive facility upgrade provides the next evolution of food safety, product quality, and output while enhancing our customers’ ability to meet growing consumer needs. Phibro has increased the manufacturing footprint to more than 100,000 square feet and added technology innovations that will position it to evolve alongside the industry for the next decade and beyond.

“When the facility first opened 20 years ago, customers fed 2-3 premixes across species, whereas now there are not only different formulas for each species but also for each life stage,” explained Tim Costigan, senior vice president of Operations and Lifecycle Management – Nutritionals for Phibro Animal Health. “Today, customers may use 10 or 20 unique premixes. This facility upgrade will allow us more flexiblibility in putting different materials through the system to process feed-specific premixes for all species and life stages— all while maintaining the same rigorous quality standards.”

Phibro’s trace mineral products are backed by the company’s rigorous Dynamic Quality Assurance (DQA) program, which by design drives product safety and efficacy. The enhancements in the Omaha facility include expanded controls and an expanded data collection that provide quicker access to information that is key to understanding the full background of the ingredients and process behind each mineral nutrition product.

“Our industry has become much more focused on quick and effective traceability,” said Costigan. “Consumers want to know exactly where ingredients originated and how they were put together; we’re able to readily answer their questions and share information on each specific batch with our customers.”

While the desire for “enhanced traceability” is a consumer focus, supply chain security is not new to Phibro.

“We’ve been evaluating and tracking our raw materials for over 30 years in a manner that’s now become the industry standard,” Costigan said. “We know the manufacturers of our products, their processes and their raw materials, which gives us a better understanding of the safety and quality of those materials. We strive to stay years ahead of expectations and enjoy helping our customers satisfy not only regulatory requirements but also consumer demands.”

Investing in the future

The Omaha facility upgrade is just one example of Phibro’s ongoing investment in the future of its business and the animal health industry.

“We believe when we put our customers’ needs first, our business will grow — and as the business grows, we’ll continue to invest in technology and capabilities to benefit those who entrust us with their business,” said Rob Aukerman, president of North America Region for Phibro Animal Health. “Our business is really all about adding value for our customers.”

While Phibro’s Omaha production facility is dedicated to mineral nutrition products, Aukerman said the company is also actively investing across its medicated feed additives, nutritional specialty products, and vaccine business segments.

“We are exceptionally well positioned to support our customers on all fronts, in terms of both quality and quantity,” he said. “Nutrition is the very foundation of animal health, and it’s an exciting time to work in the animal nutrition space.”

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