Mega e®, the rumen health protector that targets lactic acid first

Megasphaera elsdenii is a naturally-occurring rumen bacteria. Producers can use the science of Mega e® to target lactic acid and support healthy rumen function.

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During traditional feed transitions, it takes weeks for the rumen to reach a healthy population of Megasphaera elsdenii (or “Mega e®”) to effectively handle grain-based diets. Lactipro® places a large number of Mega e into its native environment — the rumen — where it immediately begins targeting lactic acid.

Watch the video to see how the science behind Mega e works, and visit the Lactipro webpage for more information.

Lactipro is available in two convenient formulations. LactiproNXT® is an easy-to-use drench that can be used for feedlot cattle, cows, and calves. LactiproFLX® is a small capsule that contains the appropriate number of the rumen-native bacteria, Mega e, for the specific animal type (dairy and beef cows, feedlot cattle and young calves).

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