Maximizing labor efficiency with feeds that challenge the assumptions

How can a nutrition tool allow you to safely meet your animal performance goals with less need for labor. Dusty Abney, Ph.D., with Cargill Animal Nutrition, explains.

October 19, 2023

Good help can be difficult to secure for your ranch, and that makes finding ways to maximize animal performance with less labor input even more important to your bottom line. 

Joining us on this segment of Feedstuffs in Focus to explain how labor efficiency can be maximized through feed is Dusty Abney, Ph.D., with Cargill Animal Nutrition.  

This podcast is brought to you by Cargill Animal Nutrition and its Ranger Limiter Technology, a proprietary technology that works with your forages and feeding programs to meet your animal performance goals in a self-fed format. Ranger provides versatility to fit a variety of commodities and feed ingredients while optimizing performance and the right gain for your cattle and operation. Ranger Limited,  do it your way. Find out more about Cargill and Ranger Limiter at

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