Farmers Business Network launches animal health and nutrition platform

Farmers First network acquires Prairie Livestock Supply, bolstering veterinary and nutrition options for independent producers.

March 9, 2021

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Farmers Business Network launches animal health and nutrition platform

Charles Baron of FBN joins us to tell us more about FBN's new animal health and nutrition platform and what is means for the feed and livestock industries. 

Farmer’s Business Network Inc. (FBN), the independent farmer-to-farmer network, today announced the launch of its animal health and nutrition platform and the acquisition of the Prairie Livestock Supply businesses to provide more choice for independent livestock producers and more competition for their business.

For years FBN has brought unparalleled transparency, insights, and competition to large and small farms across dozens of crops. Today FBN further extends this Farmers First focus to our members who raise livestock.

Based in Worthington, Minn. and bringing decades of excellence in animal health and nutrition, Prairie Livestock Supply adds to the FBN portfolio:

  • Prairie Livestock Supply: A leading pharmaceuticals supplier for swine, beef, dairy, and poultry.

  • ProPig and ProCattle: A feed and nutrition services provider.

The acquisition adds a team of 40 professionals, including veterinarians, animal health sales specialists, and nutritionists with expertise in swine, beef, dairy, and poultry. FBN members in select states can now also access clinical veterinary services for beef cattle, swine, and dairy through a partnership with Southwest Veterinary Services, a new offering made possible by the acquisition.

Livestock producers at a crossroads

With industry consolidation squeezing family farm and ranch incomes and increasing consumer interest in how food is produced, FBN recognizes that livestock producers need every tool possible to maximize their profit potential and sustainability. Ongoing mergers among pharmaceutical manufacturers and feed retailers leave producers with less choice and competition for their business. With more than 50% of FBN members raising livestock, FBN is furthering its mission to put Farmers First by improving the profit potential of the entire farm operation — from seed genetics to finished livestock.

“Independent family livestock producers are at a critical crossroads,” said Charles Baron, FBN vice president of Livestock and co-founder. “Improving both the producer economics and environmental sustainability of livestock is the best way to ensure farms are family-run for generations to come. FBN is now uniquely able to do both."

Launching FBN for livestock producers

FBN’s multi-species livestock platform now provides farmers with an array of transparently priced, high-ROI products and services.

The FBN Pharmacy has a full line of animal health pharmaceuticals and supplies from branded and generic manufacturers, which give producers control to choose the products that best fit their operation. Animal health products are supported by a team of veterinarians and shipped directly to the farm in 41 states and counting.

FBN’s broad and growing feed portfolio includes transparently-priced dry feed, liquid supplements, lick tubs, and nutritional services for beef cattle, swine, and poultry — available in select states. Bulk and bag feed is delivered directly to the farm with 0% interest financing available to those who qualify.

FBN Finance and FBN Insurance are available to producers for financing inputs and purchasing livestock insurance.

Lastly, through its partner, Southwest Veterinary Services, FBN members will be able to access full clinical veterinary service capabilities for dairy, swine operations and beef cattle, as well as access to autogenous vaccines.

New future for animal health

FBN and Prairie Livestock Supply are coming together to reimagine what animal health and nutrition looks like in the twenty-first century. The animal health and nutrition division will be built on the same FBN core principles:

  • Independence: the FBN platform is brand neutral and FBN’s veterinarians, pharmacists, and nutritionists help producers find the name brand or generic products that best suit their needs and maximize ROI.

  • Price transparency: Feed and pharmaceutical pricing is historically veiled and riddled with complex rebate structures. FBN prices are fair and upfront.

  • Community: Being a Farmers First network means that farmers and ranchers can participate in network analytics, exchange ideas in the FBN Community, as well as purchase from FBN.

“The combined capabilities we can now bring to the table can help solve the most complex animal health challenges, whether it's for a 100-head or 100,000-head operation,” said Dr. Steve Dudley, DVM, CEO and veterinarian at Prairie Livestock Supply. “We are excited to extend our network of producers, veterinarians, manufacturers, and technologists as we bring more choice and transparency to livestock operators nationwide.”

“Being part of a network creates the opportunity for better disease tracking to identify management inefficiencies for livestock producers,” said Dr. Brian Dorcey, DVM and Head of Veterinary Strategy at FBN, “ data can be the core link between animal health, nutrition, and performance in the future.”

The acquisitions are the latest in FBN's effort to provide farmers with the optionality they need to grow their operations. In February 2021, the company launched Gradable Carbon, to empower farmers to earn and own carbon credits. Earlier this month, FBN expanded its offerings to specialty markets through the acquisition of Pro Ag.

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