CowManager launches new nutrition module

Module points out cows at risk weeks prior to calving and gives insights on feed and transition management.

November 2, 2020

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CowManager has launched a new nutrition module that provides actionable insights regarding feed and transition management on dairy farms.

The module has been expanded with clear graphs and user-friendly comparison functionality. Timely notifications regarding cows at risk during the transition period or for heat stress, low feed intake and herd health can help focus a producer’s attention where it is needed most, the company said. These notifications allow the producer to approach herd management in a preventive, proactive and precise manner, resulting in better cow health and a more productive herd.

Koen van Meurs, head of research and development at CowManager, explained: “Nutrition is of great importance to a cows’ performance. It also accounts for the largest portion of the variable costs on farms. Having the right insights to make data-driven decisions about feed and transition management are key to successful and profitable farming. Machine learning technology helped us to create exactly these insights based on the behavior and temperature data we collected from millions of cows worldwide.”

Wilfried Reuvekamp, owner of Hilltop Dairy and a member of the CowManager's customer panel, said: “The insights provided by the nutrition module encouraged me to implement management changes, which led to a sustained dry matter intake of 38 lb. for our close-up cows. This has already contributed strongly to healthier fresh cows and higher peak milk production. I believe in a few months we will hit the 95 lb. milk production mark.”

The nutrition module consists of various easy-to-read graphs that offer full insight into the eating, rumination and activity of each group of cows. The comparison functionality makes it easy to compare certain groups or time frames with each other, allowing the producer and nutritionist to evaluate the impact of ration changes and feed management in a fact-based and quick manner, according to the company. Access to valuable herd data can be granted to trusted advisors through the multiview function. The nutrition module provides producers with the tools to take feed and transition management to the next level. More control and full insights will help producers achieve the goals they have set for their herds with a better preg rate, higher health level, lower feed costs and more milk per cow.

Farmers in more than 40 countries already rely on CowManager’s user-friendly ear sensor system to help manage their herds. The CowManager system monitors each cow 24/7, serving as an extra pair of eyes on the herd. This valuable management tool shows real-time alerts via easy-to-read and colored hourly behavior graphs on a smartphone or desktop computer. CowManager monitors health, fertility, nutrition and location with accuracy, the company said.

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