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What does global feed production reveal about future of agri-food?

Global feed tonnage saw a slight decrease in 2022 but for the most part was steady, according to Alltech's most recent Agri-Food Outlook.

For the past 12 years, Alltech has taken a look at the global feed industry on an annual basis. The latest snapshot was released last week as part of the 2023 Agri-Food Outlook.

Overall, the numbers show world feed production remained steady in 2022 with a slight decrease of 0.42% to 1.266 billion metric tons. 

Feed production increased in several regions, including Latin America (1.6%), North America (0.88%) and Oceania (0.32%), while Europe decreased by 4.67%, Africa by 3.86% and the Asia-Pacific region also dropped 0.51%.

Globally, increases in feed tonnage were reported in the aquaculture, broiler, layer and pet food sectors, while decreases were reported in the beef, dairy and pig sectors.

Although it experienced a narrow reduction in feed production, China remains the largest feed-producing country in the world, followed by the United States and Brazil, according to the survey.

Joining us today is to provide his insight on the current global situation related to agriculture and to provide his perspective on 2023 Agri-Food Outlook is Alltech CEO and President Dr. Mark Lyons. Dr. Lyons also shares an update on this year’s ONE Conference which will be taking on a more global approach. 

This episode of Feedstuffs in Focus is sponsored by Alltech, where the focus is on working together for a planet of plenty.  To learn more about the One Conference visit https://one.alltech.com.

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