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Solinftec launches real-time grain logistics solution

One digital tool will optimize grain marketing and freight management.

Solinftec, a technology company built exclusively for agriculture, launched a new software solution for grain traders to bring efficiency and transparency to the way they trade, handle and store grain.

“Grain elevators play a critical role in supporting diversity in farm ownership and are pivotal in helping the industry maintain a resilient food supply,” said Bret Sitzmann, head of grain and ecosystem at Solinftec. “Solinftec’s new solution will help grow value for elevators and the local farming communities they support.”

Solinftec Grain, which is made up of two main software components — Solinftec Freight and Solinftec Basis — is now available for purchase in the United States and Canada.

The first component, Solinftec Freight, gives traders increased visibility and control of their transportation logistics, saving them time and money, and streamlining communication with carriers. The technology connects elevators with their preferred carriers so they can manage the entire transportation process in one digital location.

The second component to the solution, Solinftec Basis, optimizes basis trading opportunities for grain merchandisers, ultimately creating more value for grain elevators. With this technology, traders can easily find the most profitable paths through the supply chain when originating and marketing grain.

Solinftec’s development process is centered around building agile solutions alongside its customers: farmers and service providers. This process results in technology that mimics the daily work of its users and focuses on the true pain points of the industry. 

“We designed this solution specifically with country elevators in mind and built a team internally with great experience in that sector of the industry,” said Ben Brame, product experience manager at Solinftec. “Then we worked with grain industry leaders, including merchandisers who will use the technology every day, to learn from them how it could be better. This live collaboration resulted in technology that looks like the work they do every day, only better.”

Digitizing an often-manual process, Solinftec’s new AI-enabled technology equips merchandisers with the real-time insights they need to trade with live contract balances, so they are always acting on the most current information, and it notifies users of anomalies or opportunities to consider should they arise.

Additionally, by simplifying the data transfer process, Solinftec helps eliminate unnecessary administrative work, freeing up additional time to focus on trading and creating relationships with local producers.

Most recently in North America, Solinftec launched a technology solution for retailers, co-ops, and independent service providers that serves as the operating system for their custom application businesses, bringing efficiency to their operation and providing a higher quality of service to farmers.


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