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First Line of Defense from Zinpro revolutionizes poultry industry

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Breakthrough in mineral supplementation delivers powerful health and performance benefits.

Building on 50 years of solutions backed by proven science, Zinpro Corporation is revolutionizing the poultry production industry with First Line of Defense.

This breakthrough supplementation approach with Zinpro Performance Minerals enhances the quality and function of the bird’s epithelial barrier. Zinpro’s unique products are proven to deliver valuable health and performance benefits to key poultry species — breeders, broilers, layers and turkeys – including:

  • Improved carcass yield and meat quality
  • Superior eggshell quality and egg utilization
  • Outstanding parent stock and progeny performance
  • Boosted immunity and vaccine efficiency
  • Positive pecking behaviors
  • Reduced lameness and skin quality issues
  • Enhanced gut development, respiratory and immune system integrity
  • Increased protection against external pathogens, such as Salmonella and E. coli, leading to food safety

According to Dr. Fernandez, DVM, international poultry business support manager at Zinpro, epithelial tissue is an animal’s first line of defense against environmental challenges.

“It covers all exterior and interior surfaces of the body including internal organs, blood vessels, respiratory tract and reproductive tract and serves as a physical barrier between those organs and any bacteria, viruses, fungi or other microbes that are on the outside,” he said.

Several resources within the Zinpro Poultry Resource Hub support this, including 23 research trials that show birds supplemented with the right diet and minerals have benefitted from a 15% enhancement in intestinal strength.

Dr. Marco Rebollo, DVM, North America poultry manager at Zinpro, explains the advanced mineral nutrition technologies behind Zinpro’s First Line of Defense approach, “Trace minerals, like zinc and manganese, are critical for the production and maintenance of epithelial tissue. When Zinpro Performance Minerals are included in poultry nutrition programs, rejuvenation of epithelial tissue and tight junctions occurs more quickly and efficiently and results in improved overall animal wellness and performance.”

Zinpro Performance Minerals uses a unique pathway for amino acid transport, increasing the efficiency of trace mineral absorption. By optimizing the transit and absorption of these key minerals, the company offers a sustainable approach to poultry supplementation, stimulating greater production and performance benefits while minimizing the amount of product you need to see these results.


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