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First cattle sold under new Black Angus Verified Beef program

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Program designed to reassure cattle buyers, consumers Black Angus beef claims are authentic.

The IMI Global division of Where Food Comes From Inc., an independent, third-party verification of food production practices in North America, announced the first sale of cattle verified under the company’s Black Angus Verified Beef program.

A total of 240 head of Black Angus cattle were sold recently at the Superior Cornbelt Video Auction in Council Bluffs, Iowa. In addition to verifying the calves to the new IMI Global Black Angus Verified Beef program standard, IMI Global conducted source, age, Non-Hormone Treated Cattle, Verified Natural Beef and Global Animal Partnership 5-Step Animal Welfare program verifications.

IMI Global’s Black Angus Verified Beef program is designed to reassure cattle buyers and beef consumers that the claims producers and marketers make about Black Angus beef are authentic. Black Angus Verified Beef is a sub-program of Breed Verified, IMI Global’s newly approved U.S. Department of Agriculture Process Verified Program.

“We have been marketing our cattle with Superior Livestock for the past 15-plus years and partnered with IMI Global for the last several years,” said Corey Traxler, owner of Traxler Ranch in Akron, Colo. “By enrolling in IMI Global's verification programs, including the new Black Angus Verified Beef program, we have been able to market our calves at a premium compared to non-program cattle. It was exciting to be the first lot to sell under the Black Angus Verified Beef program, and we appreciate the opportunity. We would like to thank Mike Bolinger with Superior Livestock and everyone at IMI Global for helping us market premium program cattle.”

Mike Bolinger of Superior Livestock added, “Traxler Ranch has always been very progressive in its operations, buying top-quality Angus bulls from the leading breeders in the industry. After confirming the benefits of IMI Global’s programs on my own cow/calf operation, I recommended them to the Traxlers, and they didn’t hesitate.  Historically, IMI Global programs have brought $15-20/cwt. more than non-program cattle comparable in breed type and weight. This trend holds true every year, even on years with a lower market."

Doug Stanton, vice president of sales and business development of IMI Global, said the company is pleased with the initial results of its Black Angus Verified Beef program rollout. “The program provides financial rewards to producers who thoughtfully select registered Black Angus bulls to improve the quality and performance of their calves,” he said.

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