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Kent Nutrition Group launches Home Fresh line

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Wholesome, quality nutrition for goats, sheep, pigs and rabbits.

Kent Nutrition Group (KNG) has announced a new line of products developed for sheep, goats, pigs and rabbits under the Home Fresh product family name.

Building on the success of its Home Fresh poultry products, this expansion offers animal enthusiasts products built on research-proven formulation and designed to meet animals’ specific needs at each life stage, KNG said. Home Fresh products will be represented by the Kent brand in the Midwest and the Blue Seal brand in the East.

“Wholesome, quality nutrition was our theme as our nutrition team developed these new products which provide nutrition solutions for sheep, goats, pigs and rabbits at any life stage and feeding situation,” said Kristyn Sturken, product manager and team lead for the Home Fresh project. “Our Home Fresh products are made from fresh, premium quality ingredients in a fixed-component formula to provide a consistent, balanced, easy-to-feed diet in every bag.”

Along with the latest nutrition technology and fresh ingredients, Home Fresh products feature NutriVantage Nutrition Optimizer, KNG’s proprietary feed supplement, the company said.

“NutriVantage is a research-driven feed supplement designed to help animals derive optimum nutrition from their diet,” Sturken said. “Our nutritionists have designed a specific formula for each species that helps support animals’ precise nutritional needs.”

Home Fresh products are KNG’s latest offering that helps provide the optimal levels of nutrients needed for a specific animal’s level of performance, activity or life stage — meaning for example, whether the animal is growing, in lactation or in maintenance mode. To create the new line, some of the existing Kent or Blue Seal products were enhanced and added to the expanded line, so transitioning animals from current products to the new Home Fresh feed may be necessary.

“In specific species lines, some of our Home Fresh products are replacing existing products,” Sturken said. “It’s important to transition your animals over seven to 10 days from their current feed to the new Home Fresh products. Check with your local Kent or Blue Seal retailer for specific tips for feeding your goats, sheep, pigs and rabbits.”

KNG strives to be the most trusted and pre-eminent regionally focused animal nutrition company in the U.S., delivering the highest quality products based on a long-standing tradition of progressive innovation and dedication to livestock, equine and pet owners. KNG is a division of Kent Corp., a family-owned, American company founded in 1927. KNG is represented by the Kent brand in the Midwest and the Blue Seal brand in the East.

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