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The AllBite block formulation provides a nutritional solution to vice behaviors that includes functional ingredients known to calm pigs by enhancing their serotonin receptors. It is an economical option for those looking to positively impact the welfare of their animals.

Hubbard Feeds introduces new AllBite block

Nutritional solution discourages vice behaviors in swine.

Hubbard Feeds, an Alltech company, has introduced a new nutritional solution for pig producers that influences pig behavior by adding a new stimulus to the environment.

The AllBite block, officially launched at ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference, allows pigs to exhibit foraging behaviors and to bite and chew on the block instead of on their pen mates, reducing vice behaviors such as tail biting, ear biting and general aggression, the company said in an announcement.

As these vice behaviors represent a significant economic loss for producers in all phases of pork production, the AllBite block is a positive investment for pig producers, Hubbard said.

“Studies have shown that vice behavior in pigs, tail biting in particular, can be a behavioral response to the sight, smell and taste of blood,” said Dr. Andrew Bents, swine technical veterinarian at Hubbard. “The AllBite formulation provides a nutritional solution that includes functional ingredients known to calm pigs by enhancing their serotonin receptors and is an economical option for those looking to positively impact the welfare of their animals.”

AllBite’s molasses-based block, with a unique design and delivery system, attracts pigs and encourages them to chew on the block, the announcement said. Timely use of AllBite blocks can round out a sound animal welfare program.

“Changing diets to mitigate negative behaviors is a common practice, but in most cases, dietary changes are not implemented early enough to effectively prevent them,” said Jamie Pietig, senior swine nutritionist at Hubbard. “Also, most vice behaviors only affect a small group within a larger population. With its unique delivery system, AllBite provides a more reliable, cost-effective method by only supplementing the pens that exhibit vice behaviors.”

AllBite comes in a 23-lb., biodegradable container and is designed to be hung from the fence or the ceiling with a chain. Pigs are attracted to its design and soon begin chewing on the container and block. Hubbard said the convenience of the AllBite block allows for a quick response immediately after tail biting or other vices manifest. The chain hanger reduces the possibility of the block getting pushed into a corner and ignored by the pigs and also keeps the product clean, increasing the likelihood that the pigs will continue chewing on the block.

For more information, visit hubbardfeeds.com/allbite.

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