Diamond V granted new EU trademark for feed mixing protocol

TMR Audit is now a protected trademark in all 28 member states of the European Union.

August 7, 2017

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Diamond V granted new EU trademark for feed mixing protocol

Diamond V announced the European Union trademark registration of TMR Audit, which now is a protected trademark in all 28 member states of the EU.

"The 'total mixed ration' (TMR) is a critical part of modern dairy and beef production," said Chris Van Anne, director of Diamond V's Europe Business Unit. "The dairy producer wants the TMR to supply every cow's nutritional needs in a consistent manner, day after day. However, as every dairy producer knows, this is not an easy task."

The TMR Audit is Diamond V's system to monitor and improve the cattle feeding process as well as the consistency and homogeneity of the ration consumed by each animal.

“The TMR Audit addresses feedstuffs storage, ingredient preparation and proportioning, TMR mixing, ration presentation, and utilization,” Van Anne added. “Parts of the system also can be applied to supplemental feeding in grazing operations in order to support optimal rumen health, feed utilization and performance.”

Diamond V dairy technical specialist Dr. Tom Oelberg developed the TMR Audit in 2008. Oelberg and Diamond V colleague Dr. Bill Stone subsequently published peer-review articles and other scientific and technical materials to advise researchers, practicing nutritionists and veterinarians worldwide on TMR guidelines, processes and protocols.

"TMR Audits currently benefit the performance and profitability of thousands of dairy operations in North America and Europe as well as other regions around the world," Van Anne said.

The TMR Audit gained registered trademark status in the U.S. in 2014. To date, Diamond V experts have conducted nearly 5,000 TMR Audits on dairy farms around the world, while training thousands of producers and their advisers to improve feeding operations.

"The Diamond V TMR Audit identifies and helps eliminate possible sources of error and inefficiency in the feeding operation," said Dr. Peter Zieger, technical sales and support manager with Diamond V in Germany, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland. "This process reveals opportunities for the producer to improve dairy performance. On average, a TMR Audit results in a production increase of more than 1 liter of milk per cow per day and 0.1-0.2% higher milk fat content. Incorporating a Diamond V product in the TMR further increases milk production in addition to improving feed efficiency and helping to maintain optimal animal health."

The new EU trademark status for the TMR Audit supports Diamond V consulting work with nutritionists, veterinarians and leading producers throughout Europe. The TMR Audit works in concert with the Diamond V Life Stage Solutions program, including NutriTek, SmartCare and Original Line products like XPC LS, to promote immune function and digestive health while improving dairy performance and overall profitability.

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