FEEDSTUFFS PRECISION PORK: Special Report - Putting the heat on heat stress

In this special Feedstuffs Precision Pork episode, we put the heat on heat stress in sows and grow-finish pigs.

June 25, 2020

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Welcome to this special episode of Feedstuffs Precision Pork where we explore heat stress and what can be done to minimize its impact on sows and grow-finish pigs.

With summer comes warmer temperatures and humidity, and that can be troublesome for pigs. We talk with Brent Frederick and Erin Ehinger of Provimi to get their insight on ways to minimize the effects of heat stress.

Rather than "just having to live with it," these experts walk us through how management and even nutritional interventions can be used to mitigate performance losses.

Follow Feedstuffs Precision Pork on your favorite podcast platform or find it on www.Feedstuffs.com and www.NationalHogFarmer.com. Each week we bring you Provimi's David Bauer for an indepth look at the current hog market and what's in store for the coming week. Then once a month, in these special reports, we take a deep dive into issues of importance to herd health and management.

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