Exports, slaughter rates and restoration of the supply chain are topics covered by host Dave Bauer in this episode.

July 10, 2020


We start this week with a message of unity and urging to stay strong, America. We will get through these challenging times, says Feedstuffs Precision Pork host and Provimi market analyst Dave Bauer.

In the news this week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released its monthly export report. Bauer walks us through that and what it all means.

Also addressed are daily slaughter rates, which have reached as much as 92% of capacity, resulting in a couple of weeks of 2.59 million and 2.62 5 million head kills. Bauer explains that packer run rates are no longer the headline story. Yes, they are still key, but the focus now turns to processing and food service capacity. “It's now their turn to drive supply chain recovery, and the resulting demand will drive price recovery,” says Bauer.

Slaughter may be back at 92% of daily capacity but it has been at a cost to product values. The supply chain is like a multidimensional puzzle and run rates are but one dimension of that puzzle, says Bauer.

On the topic of profitability, the forward curve is holding value and on Thursday even made some technical moves higher. It still is dependent on when we can reduce the backlog of market animals created by disrupted supply chain per USDA, says Bauer.

These are uncertain times and it will pay dividends to be well-prepared. If you have questions on this week’s recap or want to discuss something not covered, feel free to ASK DAVE at [email protected]. Plan today for tomorrow’s success.

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