FEEDSTUFFS IN FOCUS: Dairy checkoff does COVID-19 pivot

For the dairy checkoff, COVID-19 has meant a quick pivot in programs and promotions in order to meet changing consumer needs.

September 18, 2020

Feedstuffs podcast: NCBA CEO talks COVID-19, Brazilian beef and GIPSA

What has COVID-19 meant for the dairy checkoff? Where is the dairy industry and dairy checkoff heading in these pandemic times?

In this episode of Feedstuffs in Focus, Feedstuffs editor Sarah Muirhead talks with Barb O’Brien, president of DMI and the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy. We are more than seven months into a pandemic that has interrupted the daily operations of schools, food services/restaurants as well as some dairy producers as they have struggled to keep their team members on the farm safe and healthy. Pizza has been a category of strength for the dairy industry. DMI and the dairy checkoff have worked hard to leverage corporate and regional relationships to eliminate in-store signs that limited milk purchases. What about the school meal programs? What adjustments have been necessary there? Has COVID-19 had an impact on the sustainability and the environmental goals that the dairy industry is pursuing? Take a listen as we talk about this and more.

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