Chinese e-commerce company receives U.S. beef training

USMEF seeks to expand line of U.S. beef cuts offered on e-commerce channels by introducing new cuts, sharing information.

September 2, 2020

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Funded by the Oklahoma Beef Council, the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) recently conducted separate education and training sessions in Shanghai for an e-commerce company and a meat retailer. Benlai was the first to introduce chilled U.S. beef online after U.S. beef regained access to China in 2017 and is now selling frozen U.S. beef products.

USMEF recently had a well-known chef lead a training session via a live streaming broadcast. A supplemental cooking demonstration provided clients and customers of the company a deeper understanding of U.S. beef. USMEF’s goal with this activity was to expand the line of U.S. beef cuts offered on e-commerce channels by introducing new cuts and sharing information on the product’s quality and versatility.

For the Benlai meat sales staff, USMEF focused on U.S. beef ribeye, top blade, short ribs and tongue.

USMEF also conducted two events in one day for Newland Co., a fresh food segment of the Bright Food Co. that introduced U.S. beef in 2019. The second event hosted the company executives at a U.S. beef tasting.

After presenting an educational session on U.S. beef, a chef prepared U.S. beef fried ribeye steak with vegetables, fried short ribs and beef tongues, short rib mushroom soup and beef curry rice.

“The goal was to show decision-makers not only the quality and taste of U.S. beef, but also the versatility,” said Ming Liang, USMEF marketing director in China. “Newland just began offering U.S. beef last year, so it is important for us to share as much information about it as possible so they can pass it along to their clients and customers.”

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