Make sure you're one of the farmers growing high-quality soybeans

Seed variety selection is an important decision


Farmers growing soybean varieties with the highest amino acid levels are the ones best able to protect market share and help maximize success for the entire soybean industry.

Are you one of them?

It’s easy to find out. Since 2015, soybean checkoff researchers have been testing soybean samples for amino acid and oil levels. These tests ranked soybean varieties based on how well they meet the needs of your livestock-producing customers.

By requesting a sample kit for your 2021 harvest, you can get your soybeans tested, too. Simply request a test kit at, send in a sample of your soybeans and we’ll send back a report card showing how your soybeans measure up.

If they do, keep planting the best-quality soybeans. If they don’t, can point you to the varieties you should be planting to ensure you’re in that group of farmers growing the best possible soybeans for livestock markets.

Learn more at and get your sample test kit for the 2021 harvest today! 

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