Alltech partners with dairy FARM Program on training resources

Training modules have been designed to help dairy farm employees better understand best practices.

February 23, 2024

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Alltech has recently partnered with the National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Program to develop a free, certified training course, offered online and in person and available in both English and Spanish. The training modules have been designed to help dairy farm employees better understand best practices for cow handling and calf care and count toward annual FARM Animal Care continuing education requirements.

“The dairy industry is dependent on a labor force that is more efficient and effective at their jobs when they are given education and training,” Jorge Delgado, the on-farm dairy specialist responsible for Alltech’s Training, Talent Development and Retention Program, said. “Better education and training protect milk markets and assure consumers that the industry is protecting animals by providing training for workers.” 

Emily Yeiser Stepp, executive director of the National Dairy FARM Program, commented: “FARM Animal Care training and continuing education standards promote the health and safety of both workers and animals on farms and demonstrate that our dairy industry has a commitment to staying current with the best animal care practices. Active engagement in ongoing learning creates a support system for all to execute best management practices. The FARM Program is thankful that Alltech maintains relevant resources and training opportunities that meet various Animal Care continuing education requirements, and for Alltech’s continued support of both the FARM Program and the U.S. dairy industry.”

Alltech has created a series of training modules: Low Stress Cow Handling, Newborn Calf Care, and Calving and Obstetrics. Upon completion of the training program, the employee will receive a certified diploma from Alltech.

“Education satisfies an employee’s drive to comprehend and is critical for dairy employees to be capable of doing their jobs correctly. No matter the experience level, proper training improves skills and reduces mistakes or actions based on either misinformation or a general lack of information,” Delgado said. 

More information about FARM can be found here.

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